A play of material, the judicious use of technology and a design sensibility that borders on the minimal without being cold, defines the style of Ar. Krupa Zubin. She aims at transforming every site into a stimulating environment, rich in inventive detailing. Her dynamic nature and sparkling persona reflects in her work, leaving an everlasting impression on the minds of spectators.
Her background of awards and fantastic career experience adds on to the glory of ZZA. She has been regularly giving interviews and featuring projects and lifestyle tips on leading television channels. She has also been picked up by Architect and Interiors India as one of the top 50 young architects of the country.


The youngest to receive the prestigious IIID award in young designer category, Ar. Zubin Zainuddin leads ZZ Architects in creating standout structures combining elements of aesthetics and efficient functionality. Under his guidance, the firm has transformed many value propositions into experiences from commercial and high end residential interiors to large scale architectural projects.
His work is a constant pursuit of a visionary aesthetic that encompasses all fields of design. He believes that once the trust of a client and the concept plan is resolved everything else, falls in place. Despite his notable accomplishments he is driven to constantly reinvent his work. His central concerns involve a simultaneous engagement in practice and research.